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ADDIE model

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What is a model?

  • A model is a theoretical construct or mental picture that helps one understand something that cannot easily be observed or experienced directly.


The five phases of ADDIE are as follows:



  • During analysis, the designer identifies the learning problem, the goals and objectives, the audience‚Äôs needs, existing knowledge, and any other relevant characteristics.  Analysis also considers the learning environment, any constraints, the delivery options, and the timeline for the project.



  • A systematic process of specifying learning objectives.  Detailed storyboards and prototypes are often made, and the look and feel, graphic design, user-interface and content is determined here.



  • The actual creation (production) of the content and learning materials based on the Design phase.



  • During implementation, the plan is put into action and a procedure for training the learner and teacher is developed.  Materials are delivered or distributed to the student group. After delivery, the effectiveness of the training materials is evaluated.



  • This phase consists of (1) formative and (2) summative evaluation. Formative evaluation is present in each stage of the ADDIE process. Summative evaluation consists of tests designed for criterion-related referenced items and providing opportunities for feedback from the users.  Revisions are made as necessary.


Summary: The ADDIE model is a systematic instructional design model consisting of five phases: (1) Analysis, (2) Design, (3) Development, (4) Implementation, and (5) Evaluation. Various flavors and versions of the ADDIE model exist.

Originator: Unknown.  Refined by Dick and Carey and others.

Key terms: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation 


For more information, see:

  • Dick, W., & Carey, L. (1996). The Systematic Design of Instruction (4th Ed.). New York: Haper Collins College Publishers.
  • Leshin, C. B., Pollock, J., & Reigeluth, C. M. (1992). Instructional Design Strategies and Tactics. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Education Technology Publications.

Resource:  ADDIE Model/ Learning Theories.  http://www.learning-theories.com/addie-model.html 


This video describes the steps to the ADDIE Model. 



 I liked this animated video about the ADDIE Model. Check it out!




ADDIE Model/ Learning Theories.  http://www.learning-theories.com/addie-model.html   (info above)

Google image of the ADDIE model.  ADDIE Solutions, LLC.   http://www.addiesolutions.com/addie.htm

The ADDIE Instructional Design Model http://www.intulogy.com/addie/   (addt'l info.)

You Tube Video: The ADDIE Model Instructional Design Process (2011)


You Tube Video: ADDIE Model (2010)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEc7Dfvvesk&feature=related






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