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Meeting Log

Page history last edited by April Canales 10 years, 8 months ago


Meeting Log



Home Page/ ADDIE Model/ Kemp Model//Group Discussions/Scripts

Comparing the ADDIE & Kemp Model / Meeting Log/Examples/

Abstract/ Wiki Report/Multimedia Presentation



Date  Time  Notes  Mtg. Time & Location 
6/9/12 1:00 pm Our team decided on the ADDIE model & will need to look at the others to pick one more model to compare


Rm. # 2.236 upstairs

6/11/12  12:20 am  Created the team wiki workspace; emails sent to all team members including instructor; added assignment details below the Front Page Will meet on the wiki to collaborate or thru emails
6/13/12  9:30 pm  Romel suggested the Kemp Model  team wiki 
6/14/12  10:30 pm  Dara will create Google Docs for abstract.  team wiki 
6/14/12  10:40 pm Isabel uploaded content for the ADDIE & Kemp Model, Side Bar  team wiki  
6/15/12  1:00 am  Embedded you tube videos for models & examples, clip art  team wiki 
6/16/12  11:00am April gave feedback on abstracton Google Docs Google Docs 
6/16/12  12:30pm  April emedded you tube video for kemp model and added a discussion page for questions and suggestions  team wiki 
6/16/12  12:50  April emailed abstract draft to group members and posted abstract on google docs for suggestions and revisions Email and Google Docs 
6/17/12   Team submitted final abstract/ posted onto team wiki Team wiki
6/29/12 5:00 p.m Emailed team for scripts for multimedia project/ share ideas Email
7/2/12  3:00 p.m  Emailed team of Google Docs powerpoint presentation for team collaboration.  Email/ Google Doc PPT. 
7/5/12  8:00pm 

After class the team met to break down the duties for the scripts for the multimedia project & wiki report. Email- Mtg summary.

Scripts due Friday to start on video. Finish Google PPT.

online collaborate mtg.

Email/ Team wiki/ Google PPT 

7/9/12  6:00 pm  April & Isabel working on the multimedia presentation- downloaded ppt from Google docs/ scripts/thesis statement

Team wiki- scripts

Google PPT 

7/10/12  4:00 pm  April & Isabel working on voice over and revised slides for multimedia presentation 

Team wiki-scripts

Google PPT 

7/11/12 8:30 pm April finalized multimedia presentation and uploaded to team wiki Google PPT



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